About Alan Haddy

51bb3e002b399_@!@_adhdis.jpgA seasoned professional engineer, Alan Haddy has 25 years of senior-level research and development experience with firms such as Mahwah, New Jersey’s Radiodetection Corporation. He was educated in the field of electronic engineering at Great Britain’s Bristol Polytechnic, an institution now known as the University of the West of England. Since 1998, Alan Haddy has served as president of the IPEG Corporation in Naples, Florida.

The IPEG Corporation is a high-tech computer electronics company that concentrates the bulk of its business in the location and installation of underground, wires, cables, and utility pipes. To aid in these efforts, Alan Haddy has undertaken development projects that have yielded several trademarked computer systems and devices including VLOCATE, UTTO, and HH APP. Under Mr. Haddy’s direction, IPEG serves a wide range of clients in the telecommunications and commercial energy sectors. The company also enjoys strong affiliations with a number of public utility companies and original equipment manufacturers


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